With over a century of experience in logistics, Law Warehouses takes pride in offering its extensive expertise, facilities, and workforce to support small businesses in their initial stages. Tailored to suit various business requirements and budgets, Law Warehouses provides adaptable spaces for your logistical needs.

Throughout their family’s business legacy, the Laws have adeptly navigated change and optimized operations, gladly extending their wealth of knowledge to businesses of all sizes to enhance their profitability.

For each of the Law Family Companies, fostering strong customer relationships is paramount. We take pride in delivering flexible, reliable, and efficient distribution solutions tailored to your specific needs. You can count on Law Warehouses to provide variable-cost distribution solutions that align perfectly with your business goals.


Business Incubation

Law Warehouses’ highly professional staff is available for customer service, IT, maintenance, accounting and logistics assistance. Our staff averages more than 10 years of employment with Law. That translates to experience you can count on so that you can focus on what your core competencies are.

Customer Service

Law Warehouses’ customer service department is friendly, efficient, detail oriented, proactive and experienced in all facets of customer service. They offer solutions for order taking through invoicing, helping to streamline and simplify these processes for you. They are ready to serve you daily or meet seasonal and fluctuating demands for your products offering variable costs solutions, and ultimately peace of mind to you.

Office Rental

Law Realty has many opportunities for small to medium sized companies. Whether you need one office, a whole building, research and development or warehousing space, Law can help you. Our flexible spaces provide emerging companies opportunities for growth on the Law Campus.


Law Warehouses is proud of its relationships with customers and enjoys providing flexible, dependable and efficient distribution solutions. You too can depend on Law Warehouses to provide variable cost distribution solutions that meet your business needs.


Law Warehouses have been providing quality distribution services for more than 140 years. Now in its 6th generation, Law Warehouses and its parent company, the Law Family Companies, have evolved into one of the largest distribution companies in New England. Law’s reputation as a leader and logistics innovator stems from their proven track record of excellence in service and dedication to customers—many of whom have used Law’s services for decades.

The Laws have learned to manage change and streamline their operations over their family’s business history and enjoy lending their knowledge and expertise to companies of all sizes in helping them increase their profitability.

Law Warehouses is proud of its relationships with customers and enjoys providing flexible, dependable, and efficient distribution solutions. You too can depend on Law to provide variable cost distribution solutions that meet your business needs.

Facilities and Equipment

Law Warehouses’ distribution facility offers more than 200,000 square feet of distribution space, with a fleet of more than 25 pieces of distribution services equipment including:

  • Various electric pallet jacks, stock-pickers, and forklifts with capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs
  • A wide variety of attachments, including:
    • carton-clamps
    • paper clamps
    • drum attachments
    • baseloid
    • our-blade
    • slip-sheet
  • A wide range of pallet rack configurations, including thousands of lanes of 47” – 93” flow-lanes
  • Heated, unheated, and outside storage space
  • Full security systems, including motion, intrusion, high-value storage, and cameras, all centrally monitored

Synapse™: 3PL Management Suite

Not just a general warehousing solution, Synapse was built from the ground up with 3PL operations in mind. The Synapse environment is well suited to provide customer-specific processing including Direct to Consumer E-Commerce fulfillment, centralized distribution, or supporting Just-In-Time manufacturing supply chains from end to end in true multi-client fashion.

In order to truly maximize efficiencies for your modern business, data is the key. Synapse implements powerful integration and customized reporting tools, including live access to view and manage inventory and orders via the Web Synapse portal, to make the most of our connected warehouse. Synapse functionality includes EDI and flat-file integration as well as interfaces with UPS, FedEx, and other small parcel solutions to provide the tracking and reporting that your business needs.

For some customers we bring their systems in-house, operating as an off-site location directly on their systems, directly updating their systems. No matter what IT solution we use, our IT staff has the knowledge and experience to solve all your IT needs.


Our distribution facility, serviced by CSX, serves as a central location for product distribution to and from New England. We have decades of experience loading and unloading all types of rail cars, ranging from undercover unloading of box cars to secured fended-in-yard unloading capabilities of center-beam lumber and steel flat cars.

Variable Cost Advantage for Growing and Seasonal Businesses

Growing businesses often lack the capital to build and equip warehouses and/or fleets of trucks. Seasonal fluctuations can put pressure on distribution systems, or worse, leave valuable capital assets idle. Before investing in an expensive warehouse facility, fleet of trucks, and the resources, equipment, and personnel required to operate your own space, visit us for cost-effective solutions. Let us handle your warehousing and transportation needs so that you can invest your capital back into your business.

With more than 10 years of employment at Law Warehouses on average, you can count on Law’s well-qualified and professional staff to be efficient, friendly and proactive working on your accounts. Through our experience and professionalism, we make it possible for you to focus your time and resources on your core strengths.

Vendor Managed Inventory/Just-in-Time Inbound Logistics

Law Warehouses offers just-in-time inbound logistics solutions for a variety of manufacturing and distribution companies. They can work with your vendors to streamline ordering and inventory processes providing you just-in-time access to their inventory, at their cost, to your benefit.

Your materials can be stored at Law Warehouses and delivered when your manufacturing, assembly, or distribution system needs them – all on a variable cost basis. Materials can be received at Law Warehouses via rail service or trucks. Law can save you money and resources by helping your business adapt to seasonal needs or fluctuations in your products demands.

Hitchner Manufacturing relies on Law Warehouses for quick, next-day turnaround of materials from six (6) key suppliers. Each supplier maintains their own inventory, allowing Hitchiner to feed their manufacturing center on a just-in-time basis. The suppliers benefit by satisfying a critical customer, while giving them just-in-time delivery service to all of their other New England customers as well. Law Warehouses has provided this “just-in-time” service to Hitchiner for more than 20 years.

Value Added Services-Fulfillment Solutions/Pick and Pack

Law Warehouses offers flexible yet comprehensive programs to meet its customers’ individual needs and budgets. Our variable-cost solutions have ranged from partnering with large multi-nationals to serving as the complete out-source solution for small growing companies. We have a history of helping companies create and manage regional and national distribution programs allowing our customers to focus on their core competency. Our range of services includes:

  • Pick and pack
  • Small parcel packaging
  • Order picking: lot/serial number/SKU
  • Cross-docking
  • Labeling Kitting / Light Assembly
  • e-Commerce
  • Returns Processing
  • Interface with UPS, FedEx, and USPS

Lucky and Me children’s clothing is an example of companies we have partnered with to create national variable-cost distribution programs. Serving as their US Distribution center, we pick-&-pack all orders, interfacing directly with FedEx and UPS, handle all returns, and provide customer service support services. As an example of a seasonal business, they can leverage our resources and equipment to meet all of their seasonal demands.

We can also provide these services directly through your computer systems installed in our warehouse or interface with your systems through our Warehouse Management System. We have the IT resources to develop the solution that works best for your organization.


Law Warehouses offers all sizes of kitting projects. Kitting and subassembly takes valuable time away from your staff. We have the staff, experience, and equipment, to make your kitting projects a success.

First Robotics relies on Law to receive, inventory, sub-assemble, and ship more than 3,000 kits to its First Robotics teams all over the world within a very tight time window while maintaining the secrecy of what’s in the kits to ensure no teams learn about its contents before the kick-off reveal. Law Warehouses works closely with First Robotics to develop streamlined processes to help save them time and money while maintaining critical on-time delivery of all kits to teams around the world. With over 100 parts for each kit and strict delivery programs, Law is excited to be part of First’s continued growth and success.

Seasonal Vehicle & Equipment Storage (inside and outside)

Law has a variety of storage spaces for campers, sports cars, boats and trailers. If you need your equipment serviced in the off season, Heavy Duty Truck and Diesel can help you.

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What They’re Saying

Your company performed a move from Nashua to New Boston, New Hampshire for us on the 8th and 9th of September. We wanted to let you know that the crew we had, Scott, Mike, Dave, and Pete did an outstanding job. I spent 24 years in the US Air Force and moved at least 12 times with the Air Force and have moved several times since then. I have never had a better crew than them. They were professional, friendly, and cooperative. You are fortunate to have men of their quality and caliber representing your company. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service to anyone in the process of moving and, in fact, have already mentioned it to my friends and family. Thank you for the job these men performed and please let them know how pleased we are with the not-so-small job they did for us.

Kenneth S.Nashua,NH

Maureen and I want to thank you and the guys from Able Moving (Christopher, Phil, and Bill) for the great job they did yesterday moving us into our new home in Newburyport. They were courteous, efficient, careful of both our furniture and walls and floors and overall helpful and friendly. You have a great crew there! Based on our experience, I would definitely refer Able to anyone I know who may be planning a move.

Ron M.Newburyport, MA